How To Make Additional Income Selling Used Auto Parts On Ebay

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How one can make money by selling used auto parts? What is Ebay? How one market used auto parts through Ebay?

There are various options available to sell out used auto parts. You can approach to junk yard dealers those have salvage yards where they keep damaged or used vehicles and you can get money for the same. Or you can use Ebay method to sell out your vehicles’ used parts. Even junk car dealers too use Ebay way to sell out used auto parts.


Ebay is not any physical store or tangible shop. It is a website that offers buying and selling of goods and services. To sell used auto parts through Ebay technique you should become a member of Ebay.

After becoming a member you can sell or purchase anything through Ebay at a discounted rate. That is why Ebay is becoming popular nowadays. Ebay gives a ultimate platform to sale out used auto parts.


As this is a website you can sell your used auto parts anywhere in the world. Ebay is discovered to be the best place Worldwide for comparison shop. You will not be charged for selling used auto parts through Ebay.
Guidelines to selling parts on Ebay

Following instructions will assist you best while selling used auto parts on Ebay and you can get best price for them.

  1. Call or contact to any auto dealer and the insurance company to obtain the list of local vehicles which have been totaled out that you can purchase at a cheap rate.
  2. You can even buy junked or salvaged cars. For this you can contact to various people those have junked cars and those who want to rid off from the same.
  3. Once you collect the junked or totaled car, you can separate the important parts out of the vehicle.
  4. Label these parts with make, model, condition, type, etc with your name and contact details. You can use the highlighters on the code.
  5. Take photos of used auto parts from every angle.
  6. List out these parts on eBay.
  7. Sale remaining scrap to local scrap metal place in exchange of money.

Additional Advice

If you have no mechanical knowledge then hire knowledgeable person to separate out the parts. While giving remaining materials at scrap center weigh them correctly. Obey laws of local areas and keep your business place clean. Purchase small shed to keep parts in.