The Benefits Of Buying Used Auto Parts

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A car is like the human body, you always need to do regular maintenance and check up, in some cases you have to change parts to have it all running good again. The occasional oil change or brake job comes easy, and inexpensive, but repairing or replacing a automatic transmission takes time, knowledge and money.

So if you are in need of major repairs such as body work as a result of a bad accident, major engine repairs such as crankshaft changing or changing a starter you might want to consider the benefits of cheap auto parts supplies for sourcing a replacement and a qualified mechanic for good sound auto repair advice. Getting good quality second hand part replacements are not as difficult as most people think.


There are numerous junk yards, wrecker services, used parts warehouses, salvage yards, recycling services, refurbish parts manufacturers and scraping services that sell reliable used parts. There are many junk yards and salvage second hand parts supplies that are hooked up to auto parts locators online

There are also classifieds such as craiglist and ebay auto with numerous listing of auto parts. Alabama Junkyards which provides information on junk yards parts in all 50 states is a good source for locating the parts you need. Car owners and mechanics have the benefit of posting a request for a certain part.

This request is then sent to thousands of junk yards and spare parts dealers all around the country. Quickly, the inquirer will receive feedback from dealers as to the availability and price of the requested part. So, you do not have to buy expensive parts from the manufacturer or an auto parts store like Advance Auto, Auto Zone or O’Reilly.

Now, through the internet the part is delivered to the door, sometimes with free shipping and at least a 90 day warranty. Many of these parts can be used for years as many are sourced from new vehicles that are inoperable due to an accident. These damage cars were covered by insurance which send them to the recyclers.

If you are not comfortable about buying parts online, there are a number of salvage parts dealer in every community in the USA. Just locate, visit and purchase the part you need. Remember to ask for warranty and ask for your mechanic opinion. You should be happy with you purchase as you will have the benefit of buying an auto part that is up to 80% less expensive than a new one.


Good luck with your repairs and enjoy the benefits of reliable used auto parts