Car AC Leak Repair Troubleshooting Your Car Air Condition

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Are you suffering from car A/C problems in the heat of the summer months. Car A/C problems can be easy to fix, but many people do not now what to do. First, you will have to find out why the A/C is not blowing cold.

Contact your repair man if you do not know how to troubleshoot your air condition yourself. In the event your car air condition is not working properly, there could be more than one reason for this.

The most probably cause for a faulty air condition is that the refrigerant may be have a leak. Most ac car systems uses a product called R12, R134A, which is basically cold compressed air, such as nitrogen. When air is blow small about of the cooling substance is let off to give a cooling effect.

Since the AC is not a simple part, refrigerant can leak from any part of the A/C system. Different cars have the AC System placed in different area of the vehicle to blow air from all directions of the vehicle. Once the failed or defected part is located, it should be replaced with a new or reliable salvage used part with warranty.


Most A/C systems have a UV dye, which is usually bright forest green color and can be seen easily with black light. In the absent of a dye in the A/C unit, the leak may spew out a clear oily substance. Trace the line of the system, along the lines of the metal ferrules, rubber hoses, and clamps for any sign of malfunction or leak.


If after a good check you have not seen evidence of the leak, use a refrigerant leak detector to pinpoint and troubleshoot the area of defect. A freon leak detector you are very likely to troubleshoot the faulty spot.

You could also use an electronic leak detector to locate the leak. It can help you to locate leak from the evaporator that sometimes sends air through the vents. Check the evaporator drain to see if freon is not mixed with the water

If you are going to a junk yard for used air condition parts, here are the parts you will have to look out for: Compressor, Condenser, evaporator, receiver and accumulator