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Getting Car parts in Alabama junk yards and Auto Salvage Yards could be a little hectic. Just finding Where local salvage junk yards and used car parts can be found in can put brakes on your time. We have made it simple for Alabama Car parts buyers to locate used car parts and auto accessories dealers in one place.

To buy car parts from a local Alabama salvage yard or car parts dealer just call the number below or click the “Request a part” link in the menu

Guide to used auto parts

Recent research findings prove that advanced automobile technologies will change the way of car ageing. The studies revealed, use of certain alloys regenerates auto parts, rejuvenate them to get rid of wear and tear.

You will never need to replace a single bolt unless there is a massive damage to your car. All this sounds pleasant to ears but these types of findings come and go. The fact remains the same that our cars do not stop ageing and at times, you need replacement of some auto parts.

Now, what would be the option? Your mechanic keeps on pinging advice on advice to fill his pockets. However, you have only two options. Either go for a branded part or replace with a used car part. Whichever option you choose, you need to think calmly before you take any step.

Honestly, you cannot replace the car! Anyone would rather prefer to accessorize, customize and enhance his car’s looks than paying huge figures for repairs and partial replacements. Brand new OEM is a preferred option for your car and performance. Usually, these parts have guaranteed period and quality assurance test surpassed. In some cases, you will even get technical support on the telephone. Recent surveys conclude that most of the consumers prefer used car parts.

Here, let us clear the misconception of used auto parts industry. Even in recent years, this business has gone online. If you look forward to buy any used car part online, purchase it from a genuine and authenticate seller who has online presence. Confirm their websites authenticity and financial transaction they do. It is likely that you may become a prey of phishing frauds.

When you buy online used car parts ensure to collect the information about their quality tested and the adequate information available on their website. Along with above precautions, understand your exact requirement thoroughly to buy the right part. This includes make, model and manufacturing year of the car. Most junkyards online will give you a warranty on parts for up to 30 days.


This can save your many probable problems and safeguard you from turning your pleasing experience to nightmare. If needed, contact the customer service toll-free number to get appropriate details about the product and services they offer. With a bit of research and ear pricking you will surely find a great used auto part deal. Many dealers offer free shipment and other support like back guarantee which will help you to return the part if needed to get the right one again.